Baby Kaylee First 24 Hour Shoot

January 18, 2015  •  3 Comments

Anyone who knows me understands my love for pregnancy, birth, marriage, and children. I would deliver babies if it weren't for the amount of schooling necessary to do so. Years ago, I used to dream of giving birth to my children at home. Not because I wanted to brag and act like a tough girl but because I view it as an amazing experience and I feel sometimes there is too much medical intervention with pregnancies. I wanted to do it the way they did it many years ago, at home with a midwife. I have watched countless baby delivery shows and seriously could probably deliver a baby with what I know. Unfortunately, I was considered high risk so I couldn't use a midwife and I had to have a c section with my daughter. I thought I would never get to experience a live birth after my personal experience. Almost 4 years has gone by since my daughter was born I have followed my heart and my passion for photography and what better way to be in my happy place than to photograph newborns, deliveries and/or do sessions like this where I am at the hospital the same day the baby arrives to capture all those amazing moments that we would never want to forget c section or not.......This is my happy place........

Waiting anxiously to hear if her sister and niece made it out of surgery safely.

And here he is...The new proud daddy to baby Kaylee.

Seeing his own parents after seeing his baby enter the world. 

The beaming Grandma.

Showing them some pictures since we had to wait to see mom and baby. 

Mama did a great job carrying Kaylee to term :)

Princess Kaylee makes her grand entrance....

Oh my what a precious face!!! Weighing in at 7lbs 11oz.

Grandma gets to hold her first... Look at all that hair.

Grandpa was melting over his new granddaughter...

Gifts from Grandma and Grandpa

Proud Aunt and Uncle  




I love this one....sweet baby

Can't wait to photograph her and all this hair.

Angel face

Baby profiles are the best

She got mad at me for taking her out of the swaddle but look at those piggies

Happy and content with her mama

The happy family

Daddy and his little girl

Proud big sister

Proud big brother

My experience for my very first session like this was awesome. I feel like I could do this type of photography everyday all day. 

this was a special family for me to work for. When you know someones story, and realize their struggles, capturing a moment like this for them makes my job so worth it in at the end of the day.



Nicole Diehl(non-registered)
We had a wonderful time with Roxann photographing us that day. It made our special day less stressful because we didn't have to worry about capturing all the special moments that people get and even the ones most don't get, like my husband seeing his parents after our daughter was born. I had her do my maternity pictures, Christmas pictures and now she will be doing our daughter's newborn pictures and her pictures each month after that. You should definitely use her for your special day cause I know I'll be using her for all of mine!
Kerry Johnson(non-registered)
Beautiful pics, sweet baby girl! Great work as always :)
Nicole Diehl(non-registered)
thank you so much for being there for our special day and making it easier for us to enjoy her and to worry less about capturing the moments! All of the pics are amazing and I am so proud to have you as a friend and photographer! Love you girl! Can't wait to do Kaylee's newborn pics! Anyone who is giving birth should definitely hire you to help ease their day also! I just wanted to hold my baby and visit with my family and not worry about taking the pics or "ooh, grab my camera"! Thank you again!
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